Production of parts made from fiberglass and polymer materials for interior and exterior facing of cargo machinery.


Parts for cargo truck

We manufacture articles made from fiberglass and ABS plastics used in the automotive engineering as protective and facing (decorative) coatings to substitute base metals, alloy steels and where the use of metals is impossible (deep drawing, negative angles, low corrosion resistance).

Cargo truck roof deflectors made from fiberglass significantly improve the outlook and safe fuel, discharge wind force, improve aerodynamic characteristics and give more stability to the car.

Since 2002 the enterprise has become a permanent partner of OJSC “Minsk Automobile Plant”. We supply the plant assembly line with interior and exterior parts both for cargo and passenger vehicles.

Producing our articles we use up-to-date composite materials originated from the CIS and non-CIS countries. Our materials are able meet the requirements of any customer in terms of inflammability, sanitary and physical properties.

We are interested in widening our product range. Our experts from design engineering bureau, model site will develop articles in line with the customer’s specimen, draftings and models.