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JCSC “LIPLAST-SPb” production is a large manufacturing complex with a number of basic trends:

  • Fiberglass parts

    The basis of fiberglass production is a complete and comprehensive use of its amazing properties combining high strength with a relatively low density.

  • ABS plastic parts

    Articles made of sheet polymer materials (ABS plastics, polystyrenes, polyethyleneterephthalates, polycarbonates) have been successfully competing with, first of all, metal and glass in the production of vehicles, household appliances and electronics.

  • Foamed polyurethane parts

    We produce parts made from rigid, semirigid, integrated (PVC film laminated) foamed polyurethanes have been successfully applied in the automotive engineering as facing and decorative elements to reduce noise and vibrations.

  • Metal drum production

    The enterprise has a site to manufacture metal drums intended for packaging, storage and transportation of liquid paint materials (including electro-insulating paint materials).

  • Master model production

    JCSC “LIPLAST-SPb” offers the full range of services in the production of plastic articles: designing accessories, manufacturing master models and matrixes, selection and supply of production materials.