Manufacture of plastic products

Kachanа street, 54b, 231300, Lida, Republic of Belarus

(+375 154) 52-23-60, 52-24-90 (Phone, fax)

Parts for road building machinery

We produce enclosures, panels, grids, bases and other fiberglass and ABS plastic parts for interior and exterior facing of road building machinery made at OJSC “Amkodor”.

Since 2002 our enterprise has been manufacturing parts made from fiberglass and polymer materials used for interior and exterior facing of the OJSC “Amkodor” machinery cabins. These are road-building, municipal, snow handling, airdrome, specialty, forest and agricultural machinery.

We apply the latest composite materials produced in the CIS and non-CIS countries, as a surface coating we use gelcoats which are highly resistant to atmospheric effects such as ultraviolet rays, moisture, temperature gradient and paint peeling.

Together with experts from customer plants, we are constantly working at the development of parts for new types of machinery of OJSC “Amkodor” operating in different climatic conditions of over 30 countries of the world.

We are interested in widening our product range. Our experts from design engineering bureau, model site will develop articles in line with the customer’s specimen, draftings and models.