Manufacture of plastic products

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Parts for passenger transport

One can not imagine the modern life without passenger transports such as municipal, suburban, inter-city and tourist buses, trolleybuses and railway transports.

The use of fiberglass and polymer materials in cabin covering and exterior facing improves the outlook and protects metal parts from adverse weather conditions and the use of incombustible and fire-resistant plastics meets fire safety requirements.

Alongside with parts delivered to the passenger transport manufacturers, we produce repair kits and dielectric footboard enclosures and facing thereof for trolleybuses ЗИУ-9 in order to provide the transport safety use.

We have an opportunity to manufacture parts for interior facing of passenger cars and metro cars and diesel train cars: window liners, enclosures, wash-basins,  window ledges, supports, coupe and corridor facing, WC tray and electric train flooring and flooring for train cars manufactured at “Kalinin Train Car Repair Plant” and a German “Amendorf Railway Carriage Factory”.


Our enterprise manufactures parts for passenger transport facing: